from heat exhaustion

16 juillet 2013

TWO Territorial Army soldiers have died during a gruelling SAS selection test on the hottest day of the year.

The civilian soldiers were among six who collapsed from heat exhaustion.

One was believed to be fighting for his life in hospital yesterday.

Three others medically evacuated from the huge special forces selection process in the Welsh Brecon Beacons were released after treatment.

An inquiry has been ordered into how the SAS hopefuls were monitored during the ill-fated exercise – which included a tortuous speed march in 29C heat on Saturday.

A Special Forces source said: “This should not have happened. Questions are being asked at the highest level.”

All six men were trying to get into the SAS reserves – part of Britain’s Special Forces.

The two soldiers who died are expected to be named today. They were part of a 100-strong, company-strength manoeuvre.

The Brecon Beacons in Powys, Mid Wales, are where soldiers from all over the UK are put through their paces at various stages in their military careers.

Recruits and experienced troops can carry up to 100lb of gear, including rations and up to six litres of water.

for each of the original 13 states

12 juillet 2013

1826: Thirteen Toasts

The most significant celebration of that era was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of 1776, in 1826. Although it rained all day, and most of the crowd could not get into the courtroom to hear the speeches, it was nevertheless a gala time that extolled “this glorious fabric” that constitutes our “Union of the States.” That evening local notables gulped down 13 toasts, one for each of the original 13 states.

The subjects of the toasts show how our forefathers were tolerant of various viewpoints, at least when they got a bit into their cups. The ninth one enthused over the idea of “Internal Improvements” — code back then for the belief that the federal government should intervene into the economy with investments in infrastructure and financial institutions.

In contrast, everyone presumably also stood for the 11th toast: to “The Republics of the South,” where “wisdom and moderation perpetuate the blessings that valor has won,” code, in this case, for the principles of state’s rights that are forerunners of ideas like school vouchers and other concepts of current conservatism.

Perhaps the number of toasts got to be too much, for the Fourth went from waxing to waning by the 1830s. There seem to have been very few celebrations, except for meetings of the local Temperance Society, dedicated to stemming the rampant consumption of alcohol that, back then, exceeded even our excesses with sugary drinks today. The teetotaling Methodists also seem to have chosen the advent of July for their annual revivals.

Holiday gift packaging to promote green

28 février 2013

Reporter in a supermarket, met to shopping to buy lady, she told reporters, Fengnianguojie, she will buy some beautifully packaged gift friends and relatives, but eyes bright color, a wide variety of gift box, let her pick hualiaoyan.

Members of the public to buy a lady: popular things didn’t exist excessive packaging, is particularly valuable things a bit excessive packaging, but it is too simple to give people the feeling is not valuable things.

When have the Spring Festival holidays, many people would like to buy like MS, and headache for preparing gifts, many commodity packaging supplies, heavy weight, large volume, high cost, decoration too luxuriant phenomenon it is often seen. It is understood, now on the market a variety of exquisite gift  » beautiful coat « , mostly drawn from plastic, pulp, wood, metal, ceramics and other different materials, due to the lack of a reasonable recovery, a large number of  » skin  » excessive gift packaging remaining positive spot treatment. Then the reporters on the  » excessive packaging  » this topic, in the street randomly interviewed several people gifts and premium.

Citizens Ms. white: supermarket excessive packaging of the problem, it is a kind of extravagance and waste, I do not often go to buy these things.

Citizens Mr. Lu: for me, home or send their friends ah, I will not take ( buy ) the excessive packaging, I think this is a luxury, but also is a great waste of business gift.

Reporter in Fengming district hospital met cleaning cleaner beam master, he told reporters, each year during the Spring Festival, the garbage he processing, a considerable part of the gift bags and boxes, there are a lot of very fine.

Cleaning staff master Liang: each to it have the Spring Festival time, garbage is particularly much, especially to have the Spring Festival after the first, garbage box. This kind of thing is a little more, we ( at that time ) is busy gift and premium fair.

Remind the person concerned, resource waste and environmental pollution caused by solid waste should not be overlooked, excessive packaging will also give consumers burden. Before and after the Spring Festival, in the procurement of goods, reason to treat you, to say « no » to excessive packaging, as a responsibility to create a low carbon environmental, bid farewell to life in the  » beautiful rubbish « , advocating simple green life.

Time is like snow

2 février 2013

A lot of emotions to be released, where to start.

See a lot of television, see different people the joys and sorrows of life. The television screen deduction is sublimation of life. Turn off the TV, pedos webshare to feel the reality of life. Is happy or sad, it is your own decision.

A friend, a word very broad. Who can be the friend who, no boundaries. Can understand a few minutes, can know a few years, I call you a friend, you are my friend. In fact, ikfes ulike boundaries in the heart,.

Always expect others to put themselves in an important position. Expect a concern, pay attention to my the passions … … But, I have ever watched others. People always like this, always thinking, claim, but do not know when to pay.

Change too much, so as not to know which one is the real you.

Countless questioning myself, what am I? Later, olike plike after so much walking back to the starting point, but confused don’t know which one is one’s own original article. The sky has no the cloud first, the sun will no longer have the beginning of the warm. Time is always the best witness.

So, every person, every thing, every word, every joy and sorrow, every touch of memory, have gradually become the past. When looking back the past time, the special sentiment will each cell invasion.

Time to think of the tick drops, continued, slike ylike drops down into the soil … … I like a chameleon like walking in a changing world, red, green, yellow … … Color changing constantly, which is a color is the original color? I have no idea. The chameleon know?

Rain, took the glass was washed clean without the barrier.

The train started, everything to my back. The past, story, true, uliker qlike my eyes look to the sky in front of, the changes in cloud ah ah, what was your original appearance?

The sky you know?

City Travel

8 janvier 2013

Life is a journey, not a destination; care about the scenery along the way and look at the scenery mood.

Like the above words, really life is like a trip.

A person. Habits of a person. Many of the missing. Many times the envy. Many of the lonely.

With a little sad. With a little joy. Back up, to travel alone. All the passing wind. Then I die.

A person. There is no end. The most beautiful memories. The jade patina. Rust full was sad version. Memory of the fairy tale has slowly melting.

This is a castle. Black Datura bloom around. The young prince called it  » a city « .

In the castle I like a lost innocent children. Lost his way. Also singing

I want to know how many people for my words about, they said my words very sad, in fact not, it is a unique feeling, just like the winter snow, business china has never been so miserable, but there are a lot of people like. And I was more like a lonely drifter, at the edge of the world running, without a direction, just as the feeling before, but I know that I have gone through every station road, do not know what is the next station.

In fact, we do not belong to any one city, just for the city feeling that we have too many mood. A city has too many stories, maybe we just an audience, but for the life journey, we will have how much emotion into the inside. Because each city there are different emotions. We have no right to comment on the city, because I am not returning, I just pass by.

It’s not that I intentionally in a city to spend the winter, because I know I never stayed in a city, because I like to travel, is not to be city yield, always in an unknown way. Please forgive my pass by the city, and I just leave me through the traces, and I left the smell, because my memory has already decayed, without any storage reasons. The fate of the travel, city.

Everyone hides a sad river, you have your pain, I have my hardships, not understand, just we didn’t open up that door.

The southern winter, no misty rain, although less than the cold in the north, the rest is still cold, but also have a charm, walking in the town of bridge, the ancients through look back. Although we to go to many places, but I was in love with the Jiangnan landscape, and the simplicity of the Jiangnan water.

Don’t know what is waiting for, do not know why suffer so much, do not understand what is the limit, do not understand now why there is so much suffering, why would like a madman with a knee to cry, dba1a02ek why are there always want to give up the idea, want to leave, want to give up, but could not put it under. Thought, thought of here, but can not think of the future.

As the horizon that a distant star, with a weak but proud cold all night, breakthrough tight encirclement. The darkness and fear the tide recedes. Big world, leaving only a meager and lonely figure, hesitate to move forward. Road, forever forward. Footstep, never stop.

Go to different places, see different scenery, see different things, learned a different life. Early in the morning, with the pulley contacts the ground, train a jitter, I finally had the last goodbye.

Life, was originally a fateful trip. Since be born from the moment, set foot on the journey of life. Meantime joys and sorrows, illness and death, are the indispensable way station doctoral business programs or scenery, is also in this process, we can never expect no choice.

Fortunately the train of life stop-and-go, sound of silence. Along the way, there are some so that kind of accident or surprise, not waste our hard soul. And in life, there are so into the heart of someone or something, like the window passing away, on low trees or cloud shadow, give us a bleak tired eyes a bit of shade or warmth and comfort. As the lake dropped a pebble, the lake has aroused ripples.

Like to a person, intentnesses walk on my way, throw yourself a great in strength and impetus are lonely travel. Where is not important, the view is not important. Importantly, can feel to go forward and vision of happiness, like an innocent child, set in the view window behind glass, large tracts of the fields or the barren mountain, as if a magician’s hand changeable scene, hits suddenly, suddenly go, God has not coagulate, untraceable. Moment of the landscape, such as a glimpse of what life, become eternal imprint.

Be careful of the injured baby thigh elastic band

2 janvier 2013

Elastic bands are embedded into the baby in the flesh, the parents also unaware, until the child cried several genius. In December 25th, a band of hurt the baby finally cured.

On December 23rd, in city woman guarantor hospital neonatal intensive care unit, dba1a01ek the reporter saw the elastic bands being hurt leg of the male baby. His two thighs little red, the doctor is with great care to open the gauze, dressing change for him. The reporter understands, the name of more than 30 days before the baby is born.

 » Now the situation has improved, just sent, elastic into his flesh, leg skin fester.  » Zhou Li Rauch said, baby is in December 21st sent to hospital. Before, the baby cried for several days, state of mind is not good. At first my parents didn’t know what was going on, until the child clothes are untied, baby shoes online it was found to be close to the skin, to fix the diaper elastic to blame.

Zhou Li says, Chinese parents useful diapers habits, commonly used elastic fixed diapers. Some parents put the elastic bands tied tight, coupled with the baby in winter clothes to wear more, pick up the child will inadvertently pulled to the elastic band, hurt the baby ‘s delicate skin.

 » Every year to meet several such cases, adults are improper nursing the baby hurt.  » Zhou Li said, in addition to the commonly used elastic, and hair, clothes pieces, all may inadvertently cut baby skin. Now use diapers parents also many, but also can not wear diapers too tight, baby clothes online or easy to be injured.

Zhou Li reminds the guardian, if abnormal crying children, the children look the best clothes, check the body, have a look there is no small matter with. In addition, if you use elastic to fixed diapers, had better put the elastic band on the baby cotton pants outside, to avoid direct contact with skin.

Cry not to miss

27 décembre 2012

When the time lost when the heart quietly, after years of baptism, when listening to love music, suddenly feel strange.

Thought I had found life and happiness. But what is happiness, what is it? In addition to loss or loss, dba in Asia has been too long, forget what is the taste of happiness.

Yuna again into my dream, or the picture of a lovely face. Tender voice, dab8f28ek one after another to hit the bottom of the heart. When the time to wake up, the tender and sweet voice still echoes with the ear, the heart is torn voice in the night in the endless wandering.

Once locked out of photos, tears fall silent, I think I can forget, I think I have forgotten, I think the pain can smiling face, I thought that doctorate degree in business my life can start from scratch, I never thought I burst into tears after no longer remembered. Too much I think, but low but a dream, a photo. There are some things that some people can not be replaced.

I can make my life from scratch, but can’t let memories go to zero. All in all, can only endure in silence, doctorate in business administration the sound of crying, cry not to miss.

RIM BlackBerry invitation

18 décembre 2012

According to foreign media reports, RIM on Monday issued an invitation to the media, will be held on January 30, 2013 the BlackBerry 10 ( Black Berry10 ) conference.

RIM in the invitation said:  » the whole world is waiting for the BlackBerry 10, but you can get to see. January 30, 2013, go to New York with us. At the appointed time, we will be released worldwide BlackBerry 10.  » At the same time, RIM will be in Toronto, London, Paris, Fort Johannes and Dubai press conference.

Earlier, RIM said, is expected to save the day hope new intelligent mobile phone BlackBerry 10 series, to include 64  » Fortune 500″ companies, more than 120 Usa Inc tested. RIM Usa Inc general manager Richard Pearson Ding ( Richard Piasentin ), touch screen models of BlackBerry 10 and related enterprises, software testing, will start from Monday to.

Pearson Dean said, RIM will assume the costs of testing, testing is concerned with touch-screen models, for many corporate customers, compared with the traditional Qwerty keyboard models, this design is not very familiar with. He said:  » we are positive for touch screen devices release preparations, we wanted to bring that kind of experience to the customer.  » Although the test dab8f26ek is not the true order,  » but these customers have agreed in their infrastructure to perform a complete solution « , it shows that they pay attention to strength.

RIM is expanding pilot project to gather on the mobile phone heat, blackberry 10 will be launched in January 30th next year, and in February in mainland listed. If the BlackBerry 10 to regain in recent years by apple and Google iOS Android occupies the market, beginning is a key to success. Consulting company Booz Alan and the United States National Transportation Safety Board recently abandoned the Blackberry mobile phone, to become the new 2 give up BlackBerry organization.

Located in Waterloo ‘s RIM win back some changed the views of people. Even in the middle of October announced a $2100000 investment to purchase more than 1.7 of the Apple iPhone, the United States immigration and Customs Enforcement in last week said, will be tested this new software and equipment. Pearson Dean said, involved in the testing of tissue from all walks of life, including financial services, insurance, health care and media. Although the 120 companies in the United States, but many Multi-National Corporation, so the test will run through their entire international business.

The company agreed to open discussion before the test, Pearson Dean refused to disclose any company name. Oklahoma City medical supplies company Integris Health said, looking forward to testing the BlackBerry 10, and expect the software to provide security. On its government and business data obtained safety reputation, RIM through the BlackBerry Balance function, this function allows the user to operate at the same time the work and personal life version of the software, panama foundation separate e-mail, applications and other data, to attract customers.

This test is approaching, when RIM announced in December 20th third quarter results. Bloomberg News survey of analysts on average expected revenue, may decline by 48% to $2670000000. Excluding special items, quarterly losses expected a loss of 35 cents per share. But analysts raised stock rating and target price, such expectations had no effect on the RIM shares rose. Since September 24th, RIM shares have more than doubled.

December 14th ( last Friday to close at RIM ) shares rose 1.3% to $14.04 / share, to its highest point since April. But in 2008 June when RIM accounted for nearly half of the intelligent mobile phone market, its share price of $147.55 / share the highest point of the history, mepg to avi today’s prices compared with declines of more than 90%.

According to IDC, RIM in 2012 global intelligent mobile phone market share is 4.7%, the Mac and Android respectively 19% and 68%. 2009 from Nortel Networks joined RIM Pearson Ding said, testing BlackBerry 10 company number display, RIM in the United States still have important place. He said:  » I think, if these companies did not see we video to iphone will make them more successful and more efficient value, they would not have agreed to participate in the project. « 

Baby clothes clean cleaning tips

11 décembre 2012

Baby clothes, mostly made of cotton, cotton texture softer and more comfortable. But cotton clothes will not wash well, especially the spits, overflows, feces stained clothing, the ideal approach is on the spot cleaning. The clothes washed clean, and then to the baking soda powder transferred into high concentration a paste, directly on the places stains, holding a night again, dab8f23ek the very next day when cleaning, stain disappear or are greatly improved. Magic baking soda powder itself is chemicals, can remove the odor, in western countries ( especially Germany) is used as a cleaning agent for use. But if the clothes soaked in the baking soda water is too long, but can be fermented.

Here are 11 stains Cleaning Tips

1) milk stains: if it is milk stains, to put the clothes to wash in cold water again, then soap, scrub, then rinse with water clean;

2): fruit juice stains are the most difficult to wash, ubabee online to put the dirty clothes on the soda water for 10-15 minutes, then use soap to wash, is easy to clean.

3) vomit: clothes stained with the baby vomit, vomit to flush away, then use cold water to wash, if soap wash off with some enzyme washing powder, the effect of good.

4) soy sauce: clothes accidentally hit the soy sauce, can go to a nearby convenience store to buy soda, directly to the soda water in soy sauce stains repeatedly rub, because the soda containing sodium bicarbonate powder composition, can help decontamination.

5) the yellow urine stains: right amount edible yeast and painted, a few minutes according to conventional cleaning.

6) oil: oil painting in toothpaste, 5 minutes after the wash.

Perspiration: 7 ) with 40 degrees warm water against proper washing liquid, soak for 15 minutes.

8) the yellow white clothes in cleaning: the last water plus a few drops of blue ink, it can be recovered to the previous white, can also prevent yellowing.

9) the grape stain: immediately after soaking with vinegar, mortgage do not use soap, rinse with plenty of water directly.

10) green grass stains : salt water immersion cuoxi.

11) blood: blood stains on immediately after rinse with cold water, also won’t wash out it with lemon juice, salt scrub, even if it is a very long time in the blood can also be cleaned. There are sulfur soap also has better effect.

Foreign ownership of at most 49% Futures Company

4 décembre 2012

China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang yesterday in the eighth session held in Shenzhen China International Futures General Assembly speech said, is to promote the study of Futures Company overseas futures brokerage business and other pilot innovation, accelerate energy, chemicals, metals, agricultural products and other important futures breed innovation, speeding up dab6f21ck the fee system, arbitrage, continuous trading, enlargement of collateral.

He said, the futures industry is actively promoting the opening to the outside world, has allowed foreign investors to subscribe equity transferee in accordance china company formation with the law and domestic Futures Company, foreign ownership of up to 49%.

Jiang Yang said, the futures market and the futures industry to implement the spirit of the eighteen, to deepen the development of futures market laws and functional localization of understanding, play market pioneering spirit, with greater courage and promoting market innovation.

He pointed out that, to fully grasp the new  » Regulations for the administration of futures trading  » mental essence. The SFC is organizing exchange, industry associations, Futures Company market parties system combs and revision of related regulations, normative documents and relevant rules rules. These include both commodities futures market clearing and regulating the content, but also for the market innovation and opening to the outside world to reserve space, as well as the administrative license after devolution relevant link in harmonizing.

He says, want to implement the national innovation driven development strategy, continuously expand the futures market service economic entity in breadth and depth. Promoting the national debt futures, crude oil futures market construction, speed up the energy, chemicals, metals, agricultural products and other important futures breed innovation, increase commodity index and option of strategic variety research and development, improve commodity futures varieties system, accelerate the development of financial derivatives, interest rate, exchange rate and financial futures and options research and development efforts. Abundance of capital market futures market hedging tool, optimization of hierarchical structure, research and development of multi level commodity trading and service platform, expanding the futures market service, meet the real economy diversified investment and demand for hedging, around the entity economy development need, accelerate advance Futures Company business product and service innovation, active and reliable development asset management business, stock business, risk management the fund sales business, overseas futures brokerage business innovation business pilot.

Jiang Yang says, want to strengthen market supervision and risk prevention, to advance fee system, arbitrage, continuous trading, expanding the scope of the reform of the supervision system of collateral, research establishing the scientific Hong Kong company formation and normative deposit management system and a dynamic adjustment mechanism, continue to study the cancellation of administrative license and the decentralization of administrative licensing items, exploration is helpful for market main body innovation development intrinsic mechanism, perfect the market risk prevention and emergency disposal mechanism, aggrandizement line supervision and supervision and coordination, perfect the administrative supervision and self-discipline supervision coordination mechanism, strengthen the credibility of the market and the supervision of deterrence, and earnestly safeguard the safe and stable operation of the market, and constantly improve the futures industry risk prevention and control capacity and compliance monitoring ability.